Amazon Calling On Social Media Companies To Help Deal With Fake Reviews

Amazon recently posted a blog post calling on social media companies to help deal with fake reviews on their platform.

In the blog post, posted on June 16, 2021, Amazon stated that unscrupulous elements on the platform are using social media to buy and sell fake product reviews, which has made it harder for the e-commerce platform to deal with the issue.

Amazon expressed its belief that social media companies are too slow to properly deal with fake review activity on their platforms when they flag it down, though conceded that there was some improvement in the speed of responses regarding the matter.

The e-commerce platform said that it flagged at least 300 groups to social media companies for unscrupulous activities, which took an average of 45 days to be deal with. In contrast, Amazon reports, they flagged 1,000 groups to social media services, which only took an average of 5 days to deal with the matter.

No names were given, but the general consensus is that they’re talking about Facebook, which was the subject of a 2018 investigation by the UK customer watchdog group, which discovered several groups that offered rewards for fake reviews, like refunds or other similar benefits.

As a result, regulators across the world have paid attention, with the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority doing a follow-up investigation which, in turn, led to the removal of an additional 16,000 fake review groups on Facebook.

With the power of online reviews like king kong agency reviews, the fake review problem that has plagued Amazon for years is something that people are wary of.


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