Are TV Viewers Over Saturated With Reality Shows?

Nowadays, you can hardly tell if it is reality TV or a scripted show. Reality TV seems so familiar now with master chefs, treasure hunters, makeover experts, celebrity families and real housewives. There are reality series that made a big buzz like Real Housewives but suddenly networks that have been devoting their time producing unscripted shows has started to make dramas.

Bravo, E!, WGN. Pivot, WEtv and Animal Planet have recently launched or are planning to launch the first of their scripted shows. It is not just the cable networks that are finding that odds are not working in their favor since there has been no recent reality show that has been introduced. The Voice was launched in 2011 but before that was MasterChef in 2010. The first broadcast of Survivor was in 2000 and both the Bachelor and American Idol were launched in 2002. Most of the reality shows are more than a decade old.

There has been no new hit lately and when it comes to that, it simply means saturation. Several hundred of new shows are being launched on cable and broadcasted every year and most of them are unscripted. Lately it has been very difficult to show a reality concept that is considered intriguing and original at the same time.

The reality TV game is too hard to crack now. Two years ago, AMC made an investment in reality programming with a new batch of shows but it has recently cancelled all but two. One of the survivors is Walking Dead chat show. Now, even the die hard reality TV networks are trying scripted shows. However, drama does not guarantee an audience.

Reality TV is not dead and it is not yet going away. The problem seems to be the need for a new format that is truly original and will break away from the pack. There must be a variation from what people have already seen. People expect to see more shows with impressive acting, smooth camera work and well crafted dialogue although it would be nice to have a zombie or two.

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