Austin Launches Pilot Program To Allow E-Scooters On Trails

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Trail goers in Austin must not be surprised if they encounter electric scooters next month. The Austin Parks and Recreation Department has launched a pilot program that will allow electric scooters and electric bikes on certain trails to determine whether riders can share the trails with runners and cyclists.

According to Amanda Ross, manager of the Parks and Recreation department, scooters have been appearing on the trails ever since the city has allowed them to operate in Austin since May. At present, the city code classifies specific bikes and e-scooters from companies that include Lime, Jump and Bird as motor vehicles that cannot be allowed on the trails. Dock-less bikes and e-scooters have officially rolled out in the streets of Austin.

Based on the results of the pilot program, the department will be able to understand whether the specific bikes and e-scooters will or will not be allowed on the trails. The program will monitor all the bikes and e-scooters, not only those owned by the dock-less mobility companies for nine months through fall of next year.

Parks and Recreation will monitor trail users, update signage and track reports on crashes. Scooter speeds which are currently limited to 10mph will also be monitored including whether they are properly used. There are people who are interested in using the e-scooters on the trails but there are also those who have concerns over their safety.

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