Average Cost Of An Aussie Wedding Up In 2018

For those looking for a Sutherland Shire wedding venue need to have a bigger budget, as data suggests that the average cost of an Aussie wedding in 2018 went up by 5%. That might not sound like much, but that’s an increase of $48,624 to $51,245, which is a lot of money for the average Aussie.

The numbers were from Wedded Wonderland, an Aussie online bridal guide, who conducted a study looking into the cost of Aussie weddings and broke down the numbers. According to them, the average costs of the wedding’s bits and pieces are as follows:

  • Wedding dress, $5,180;
  • Groom’s suit, $1834;
  • Engagement Ring, $10,423;
  • Venue, $21,250;
  • Honeymoon, $8,547;
  • Florals/Styling, $6,704;
  • Entertainment, $2514;
  • Bridesmaid dresses, $929;
  • Groomsmen suits, $1087;
  • Videographer, $3507;
  • Photographer, $3611;
  • Hair, $515;
  • Makeup, $475;
  • Cake, $990, and;
  • Transport, $828.

Wedded Wonderland Founder and Creative Director Wendy El Khoury, explained the data, putting the numbers in context. She says that not everyone thinks they can afford going to an Aussie or a Sutherland Shire wedding venue and putting a wedding ring on their finger, and those who brave through with it won’t go through with it unless it’ll be the wedding of their dreams, for brides, especially.

El Khoury says that it’s their one day to splurge for themselves, and that they’re never going to spend that kind of money ever again, and that Aussie shouldn’t judge what brides spend on their weddings, as it’s not unheard of for them to spend money that they’ve been saving up from her teenage years.

She says that the wedding industry has become trend-based in the last five years, thanks to international weddings on social media or TV, which has increased costs and made people more tasteful when it comes to tying the knot.

At the same time, brides get overwhelmed by all the influence of people online, with El Khoury reporting that dress designers send complaints about clients who come back with new ideas every fitting. Her advice to brides is to stick to what suits them best, what their own taste and style is, something authentic to them now and forever.

She recommends calling in the family, giving order to friends and bringing in old favours to save money, and that’s a good thing to do, as the more people involved in the wedding that love both the bride and the groom, the better.

The personalised wedding, she says, is a trend that’s here to stay, saying that a wedding that reflects who the couple really is, is something that’ll never go out of fashion.

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