Back To School Season Overwhelms Airport Rail Link In Bangkok

One of the perks offered by Bangkok International School in Thailand is school service for a fast and efficient journey between home and school. The international school runs 235 air conditioned buses that are equipped with a mobile phone for communication. Each bus seats no more than 8 children and a fully trained monitor.

It is back to school season in Bangkok and the Airport Rail Link was overwhelmed with increased passenger demand. According to PailinChuchottaworn, Deputy Transport Minister, the seven trains in the Airport Link were running at full capacity to that it can cope with the increase in passengers.

After an inspection at the Airport Link Services, Mr. Pailin said that if the train services are increased, passenger congestion at the ARL station platforms will be significantly reduced. He has received reports that after more trains were added, there was less congestion during rush hour. Instead of the usual 12 to 13 minutes interval per train, trains were ordered to arrive every 10 minutes.

Because of operational problems and financial losses, ARL cannot import additional trains. Seven out of nine trains are functional while the other two trains are currently stranded at ARL because there are no spare parts. ARL needs to import the spare parts from Germany.

Around 72,000 passengers are serviced by ARL every day. The 8th station which is a 28-kilometer route to Suvarnabhumi Airport in SamutPrakan, has been the subject of complains from passengers because it is always severely congested during rush hours.

By the middle of next year, ARL will have additional capacity for an additional 10,000 passengers per day. It will add four carriages that were cannibalized from decommissioned trains. Meanwhile the State Railway of Thailand has to use a daily diesel train service from Ladkrabang Station up to SamutPrakan to Hua Lamphongfor alternative transport.

Aside from school bus service, students of Bangkok International School enjoy the services of two buffet-style canteens with choices that range from traditional Thai food to international cuisine. To ensure that children enjoy delicious and nutritious food, the school has a nutritionist working together with a chef.

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