Bangkok Moving Towards Fine Dining While Leaving Street Food Behind

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world and one of the main reasons is that its street food is very popular. Tourists come from different parts of the world just to have a taste of the delicacies offered in the kingdom. While this may be a good thing, Leela Punyaratabandhu who is a local food expert and author said that she is not quite happy because it has become the word cheap has become like a brand for Thailand. This word also often leads back to the famous street food of the country. For those looking to experience more, there is a sky bar in Bangkok that is worth visiting and other restaurants with views that are to die for.

She wants people to know that Thailand is more than just street food and their palette is not confined to Thai cuisine alone. She does not want to accept that anyone would think that the best food in the city is actually street food.

Despite the fact that the country has been known as a street food haven, its culinary sector is slowly moving to a new era brought about by the rise in the number of sit-down eateries right from the homestyle shophouses to the restaurants awarded with Michelin stars. Furthermore, the street food industry is hurting because of the crackdown mandated by the government among street food sellers.

In the last five years alone, data from the Euromonitor International revealed that the restaurant market of the nation has increased by $500 million every year. Back in 201, casual restaurants with full service are only 2 per cent of the whole market but this is one-third of the reason why the restaurant market has grown a lot.

The capital with a total of 8.2 million has a lot to offer from sky bar in Bangkok to the 27 restaurants that have received Michelin stars along with the only street food awarded with a Michelin star. Culinary experiments are also starting to spread in the city starting with progressive Indian cuisine. Experts believe that Bangkok is at a point where it is slowly transforming.

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