Basic Information On Samarium Cobalt Magnets In Brisbane         

One of the popular types of magnet is samarium cobalt magnets in Brisbane or SaCo. It became available to the public around 1970s and since then, samarium has been used for different applications. Samarium cobalt may not be as strong as the more widely used neodymium magnet but it offers the advantage which is considered a weakness of neodymium. Samarium cobalt contains BHmax of about 26 which means that it can withstand higher temperatures compared to neodymium. The curie of samarium can reach up to 750 degrees Celsius while its Tmax is 300 degrees Celsius. With the two combined, samarium cobalt becomes a strong element that can remain reliable even with extremely high temperature.

Another advantage of samarium cobalt magnets in Brisbane is the element is resistant to corrosion. Because of its excellent qualities, samarium cobalt is understandably higher in price compared to neodymium magnets. Samarium can also withstand not just extreme heat but also in extremely cold environment. It can remain functional in harsh conditions without losing its magnetization

Samarium cobalt is an alloy and is considered to be the second strongest magnet. If you want a type of magnet that you can rely on, samarium cobalt would be a good choice. However, the only downside with this type of magnet is it is brittle making it vulnerable to cracking and chipping.

The element is widely used in various applications such as in marine and automotive industries and also in aerospace and military applications. You can also find samarium cobalt in medical tools and equipment including in industrial automation and other industries that require high precision and performance.

Although samarium cobalt is considered as the second strongest magnet, workers, medical practitioners and those who are exposed to this type of magnet is advised to exercise caution when using a device or equipment with the element. As mentioned earlier, samarium cobalt magnets in Brisbane can snap and shatter into shards and tiny pieces that can endanger those around it. To buy high quality samarium cobalt, conduct a short research and read customer reviews to ensure that you will get reliable magnet at a pocket friendly price.

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