Bathroom Designs That Are Inspired By Social Media Posts

In today’s digital world, a homeowner only needs to click on the laptop or mobile phone to order floor tiles online for delivery at the soonest time possible. To gain inspiration on bathroom and kitchen designs and everything else, the homeowner can simply go to Instagram accounts of certified bathroom and kitchen designers.

With so much inspiration that people can derive from social media posts, they have become more daring in their bathroom and kitchen designs. Cutting edge bathroom designs can be found from Justina Blakeney’s Bohemian brand Jungalow that has millions of followers. Aside from subway tiles, there are Moroccan and Mexican-inspired designs including porcelain panels that look like stone slabs. Homeowners can also gain ideas on mosaic backsplashes made from tiles that have been precisely cut with water jet technology.

According to Mindy Sevinor, showroom brand manager of Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply in Beverly and Watertown, what is hot today is matte black and brass hardware in split-finish scheme. The combination can be effective in wood vanities.

Meanwhile, there are fans of Bohemian design who do not actually understand what the word means. What they actually like is colour and comfort. Sybil and Farley Urmston of SirTank Design in Jamaica Plain re-imagined the Bohemian design in a children’s bathroom through large format glossy blue ceramic tiles to encase the tub with concrete floor tiles in Moroccan-inspired silhouette to bolster the Boho vibe. In Bohemian design, the key is rich colours and pattern that are artful, warm and inviting.

Many people consider the bathroom as their retreat or the sanctuary after a busy day. This personal space where an individual starts and ends the day can be effectively designed for personal moments. In a spa-inspired bathroom, a freestanding resin tub can be the centrepiece with pale oak towel racks, wooden bench and teal tray that reminds you of Japanese aesthetics.

It is certainly more convenient to order floor tiles online because there is a wide range of choices available in terms of colours, sizes and patterns. There are more tiles offered online compared to physical stores in your area and there is always a tile that will satisfactorily suit your taste and requirements.

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