Berkeley County To Welcome New Chemical Manufacturer

This summer will bring a new chemical manufacturer in Berkeley County which is located in the southern part of Carolina. The facility will produce liquid sodium silicate which is the very first in the region. This is good news for advanced manufacturers that are using this raw material as they will have a closer source which will save them cost in production.

The funding worth $20 million will be provided by Charleston International Manufacturing Center which is going to be utilized in the opening of the facility’s operation. The facility will be constructed inside the industrial park and 11 employees will be hired to handle the operation. The owner and manager of the center is Cooper River Partners LLC which is a subsidiary of the Pacolet Milliken Enterprises.

Liquid sodium silicate is a raw material used in producing a number of household goods like toothpaste and detergents, adhesive used in boxes as well as automotive parts including tires.

The new facility manager is going to be Nathan Wingate who said that liquid sodium silicate is a very versatile raw material. Aside from its daily applications, it is also the main raw material used by various advanced manufacturers such as state-of-the-art nanotechnology.

The plant is already under construction since the beginning of 2018. Business leaders have already conducted a news conference regarding the plant which was held at Bushy Park’s manufacturing facility.

The manufacturing center which is located in Bushy Park has a total land area of 1,750 acres. Several acres will be dedicated for the new chemical facility. The park is in a region where majority is rural area and it is situated in the exterior of Goose Creek.

There are eight tenants inside the manufacturing center and one of them is Evonik which promoted the construction of the new facility. As soon as the chemical manufacturer is up and running, its first customers will include Evonik. Evonik is currently constructing their precipitated silica plant worth $120 million. The raw material used in making precipitated silica, a substance added in tires to improve its wet grip and reduce fuel consumption, is liquid sodium silicate.

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