Best Long-Term Method To Protect Pipelines Against Corrosion

Long term corrosion protection for pipelines can be provided by cathodic protection service to prevent leaks and failure. Pipelines are made to last for decades but without the proper protection, they can fail. Leaks can be very dangerous and expensive for the operators, the surrounding environments, and communities.

Communities tend to follow a lot of green living practices but they often overlook the importance of protection for pipelines. People are often unaware of the huge environmental impact of replacing and rehabilitating corroded pipes. If the pipes are damaged beyond repair, the environmental costs of using more natural resources to replace them will be higher.

Pipelines are used to transport natural resources over long distances. There are approximately 5 million kilometers of pipelines between the United States and Canada with most of the pipelines owned by the oil and gas industry.

Corrosion makes the pipelines susceptible to leaks particularly those exposed to the natural environment. If corrosion protection measures are not undertaken by its operators the pipelines can lose their strength and ability to safely transport raw materials.

The best long-term defense against corrosion can be provided through cathodic protection that uses a rectifier to drive away corrosion current from the pipeline to a sacrificial metal called anode that will corrode instead of the metal. When sacrificial anodes are used, the system will able to detect spots of corrosion before they affect the pipeline.

The Test Tap survey and Close Interval survey are used to make sure that the pipelines are receiving adequate protection against corrosion. Test Tap survey involves an operator who will assess existing tap tests stations along the pipeline. Data from readings will indicate the level of external corrosion mitigation necessary at specific tap test points.

Close Internal Survey involves the trailing of thin copper wire along the pipeline. After the wire has been connected with test top stations, it will provide readings on whether the pipeline is receiving adequate corrosion protection.

Best methods of preventive maintenance and corrosion control can be provided by cathodic protection service to your pipelines. Corrosion prevention must be the top priority to protect the operations, the environment, and the community from oil and gas leaks.



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