Bowling Is Out, Escape Rooms Are In

Escape rooms are currently trending in the Twin Cities area ever since the first one was established in 2014. Currently, there are over a dozen escape rooms in the area and these attracts group of people or friends to come together and solve puzzles or commit crimes in order to escape a room.

The most popular spots in the area are Zero Hour, Escape MSP, Mission Manor and Riddle Room. Despite the fact that they are considered to be entertainment venues, many managers in Minnesota are sending their employees for sessions because it promotes teamwork. These are the new team building activities preferred by companies as their field trips.

According to the leader of U group, Dawn Hoffner who is currently working in a job that entails high level of stress because they are the ones handling complaints from patients that have undergone treatment, they have new staffs recruited into their team. She said that they are trying to look for fun activities that will promote teamwork and will motivate them to be closer.

The exact level of benefits that escape rooms bring to the work place is not definite though. Organizers believe that it is a good alternative for employees to spend time outside work while avoiding the common choices including alcohol, bowling alleys or exclusive clubs for golfers.

According to the founder of Escape MSP, a 33 years old resident of Twin Cities, the escape room requires participation and attention from everyone. The task is challenging but is recommended for all. It is not like a rope course activity. Escape MSP has branches in St. Paul and Golden Valley.

Mission Manor which recently opened in 2007 is owned by Logan Giannini. He said that bowling and laser tag are ideal for promoting camaraderie but it does not reveal a lot regarding the group. Corporations are opting for escape rooms as team building activities because it showcases the dynamics of the team, their creative reasoning as well as their lateral thinking. It will reveal a lot about the various strength of each member. Mission Manor can be found in the northeastern side of Minneapolis.

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