Bristol Streetfood Stall To Set Up Restaurant

There’ll be a new customer for plumbers in Bristol to work with, with Gopal’s Curry Shack, an independent vegan eatery, finally being able to set up a permanent site with an actual restaurant space in Bristol, which was funded through the city’s supporting customers.

Gopal’s Curry Shack, spearheaded by its owners, Heather Simmonds and Mel Taylor, started a crowdfunding campaign for their project to become a reality in the city of Brisbane, seeking to give their vision of curry a permanent base of operations from which to work with. The citizens of Brisbane showed their support for the independent eatery, by digging through their funds in order to meet the campaign’s target and raise £ 10,000 for Gopal’s to finally have a restaurant.

Gopal’s started out as a mobile streetfood eatery, specializing in providing vegetarian-friendly iterations of Indian foods such as samosas, pakoras, and, of course, the classic curry. The eatery started to make its mark on the local scene after appearances in different locations and events throughout the city; it’s shown up at markets, local establishments, and events across Bristol.

With the crowfunding campaign’s success, the foodstuff shack can now set up a restaurant space in the city. The two owners have decided to launch the new Gopal’s sometime around May, at Wapping Wharf’s recently completed Cargo 2 area, using the inside of a shipping container as the space. Most in the area believe the eatery to be the first of its kind in the Wapping Wharf region, being the first and, for the time being, only vegan eatery in the area.

Simmonds and Taylor has expressed their gratitude for their supporters on Twitter, and via a visit to The Old Book Shop in Bristol, wherein they provided the unique Gopal’s experience to visitors. They state that this development is part of them taking the plunge for a permanent home. They state that the funds raised with the campaign will be used to help set up the restaurant, hire the relevant workers for the labor, like plumbers in Bristol, and purchase needed equipment for the new venture.

They add that they aim to maintain the ethos of the business, and provide creative food to the residents of Bristol.

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