Britain’s Fastest-Moving Property Market: It’s Northampton

Zoopla, the British website that keeps an eye on the residential property market and relays its findings to customers, has recently released a list of the fastest-moving property markets in the UK and its closest neighbors, and found that the Northampton market is the fastest, a finding that is good news for any painter and decorator Northampton.

In a survey that studies the length of time between the moment a home is up set up for sale, and the time the property listing for said home changes to ‘under offer’, the British market site determined that the town of Northampton possesses the fastest property market in the country, taking only a mere 27 days for a house to be sold, which is 2 whole days faster than the closest competitor, Milton Keynes. The top 3 of the list, Northampton, Milton Keynes and Croydon take only a month to sell a house, with an average of 27, 29, and 30 days respectively.

Edinburgh and Glasgow followed after, with homes being sold in 32 and 33 days, respectively, not too far off from the top 3.

Zoopla released the data, showing the country, and the closest regions, its property hotspots, data that would be of great interested for the relevant people in the industry, such as a painter and decorator Northampton.

The survey was a part of research done to discover the property hotspots of the UK and neighboring countries, showing not only the fastest markets, but also the average sale values for each location.  The data shows a trend, South East and East England were the most sought-after locations, with properties being sold in a mere 42 days, whilst East Midlands takes 44, whilst West Midlands take 45. The slowest moving property market, however is Wales, taking a whopping 66 days on average for a home to go under offer.

Zoopla spokesperson Lawrence Hall released the data, and expanded on the facts. He states that, on average, the time it takes for a house in Britain to go under offer since its listing for sale is 47 days. Most hotspots take shorter than that. Here is the list:

  1. Northampton, 27 days, £245,288
  2. Milton Keynes, 29 days, £299,079
  3. Croydon, 30 days, £374,342
  4. Edinburgh, 32 days, £266,146
  5. Glasgow, 33 days, £175,552
  6. Bristol, 34 days, £309,807, tied with Southampton, 34 days, £279,769
  7. Coventry, 35 days, £191,658
  8. Salford, 36 days, £152,784, tied with Ipswich, 36 days, £259,844


Here is the list per region:

  1. =1. South East England, 42, £400,054
  2. =1East of England, 42, £345,554
  3. East Midlands, 44, £205,437
  4. West Midlands, 45, £213,772
  5. Scotland, 46, £180,374
  6. London, 46, £659,627
  7. South West England, 50, £285,406
  8. Yorkshire, 55, £170,841
  9. North West England, 55, £184,960
  10. North East England, 61, £184,275
  11. Wales, 66, £179,890
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