British Embassy Encouraging Expats And Residents To Obtain Health Insurance

It is important for Thais to obtain the best health insurance in Thailand to ensure fast and reliable coverage when they need it most. Having a long-term solution available provides people with confidence and peace of mind for whatever happens in the future. However, it important to choose the right plan based on the requirements.

The British Embassy has issued a warning to expats and tourists in Thailand to have both travel and health insurance. The warning came after the British Embassy in Bangkok revealed that many of the people they have assisted last year did not have insurance.

Every year, Thailand welcomes more than one million British tourists. In 2016, the British Embassy revealed that are 55,000 British who have chosen Thailand as their second home. The number includes 10,000 British retirees that chose to retire in the Kingdom due to the favourable warm temperature. However, the problem here is most of the people living and visiting Thailand does not have insurance.

In 2017, about 50% of the people who were provided with consular assistance after being hospitalized did not have coverage. Aside from the tourists that are not insured, 80% of British residents in Thailand in 2015 did not have medical insurance. Some of the expats that are currently residing in Thailand assume that can easily gain access to medical care once they return to the United Kingdom.

In 2015, several changes were made by NHS in hospital care for visitors from overseas. The changes also affected previous UK residents including the expats from Thailand. They will now be required to pay if they return to the UK and undergo treatment in an NHS hospital. This is the reason why the British Embassy is encouraging the British expats and residents in Thailand to obtain health insurance and at the same time understand what they are covered for.

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