Bubble Wrap Popping: How Many People Would It Take To Set A Record?

Who would ever thought that a simple synthetic material used for packaging can become addicting for many people. Originally, bubble wraps were made to ensure that people’s valuables do not receive any damage whenever they are being transferred or transported and the same goes with various products that are being delivered. They serve as a protective covering that would cushion an item from any impact. But now, it doesn’t matter what kind of bubble wraps the packaging may come with, whether it is Paper Mart bubble wrap or any brand of bubble wrap, this would not change the fact that bubble wraps have become many people’s guilty pleasures.

It has become such an icon that once a year, there is even a day reserved to celebrate bubble wraps. Yes, you’ve read it right. Bubble wraps are being celebrated and not only that, records are even made to see who can pop the most bubble wraps.

But now, people might be wondering how many people would it take to set a brand new record?

You might be surprised to know that right now, it really is actually hard to determine how many people are needed to set a new record because it doesn’t take long for the number to change as records are constantly being broken.

Just like the case with the West Cranston Intermediate School who had broken the record back in May last year with 700 students all gathering to pop the bubble wraps spread out on their fields.

Unfortunately, they did not hold the record for too long as another school from Elk River, Minnesota had broken it in a matter of a few weeks with a record of 942 poppers and in turn, it was broken by another school, Oral Roberts University, with a record of 1,011 people.

The light packaging material has now transformed into a highly contested event.
Alex Angert, a records manager in New York for Guinness, said that bubble wraps are universal and that they are for everyone.

And it is true because whether people like it or not, bubble wraps are just so hard not to pop.

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