Canvas Tells Of Mexico’s Race And Class

There are different forms of art such as personalised word art but there is also artworks such as shown at the exhibition by Alida Cervantes. Itwas held at the Mills Gallery of Boston Center for the Arts and was entitled “Majas, cambujas, yvirreinacas”. This is a title that presents a challenge to be able to be translated into English. In history, the words are a form of categorization that refers to class and race.The last word was only made up by Cervantes. The word is actually a combination of vicereine meaning viceroy’s wife and the Spanish word peasant or hick.

Her bold artworks focus on the historic issue that tackles race and class and her birth country, Mexico. She started paintings that are from the colonial era and then moved on to paint arts that are from historical tropes. The casa paintings feature families that are interracial while showing details such as the percentage of African, indigenous and Spanish blood in each family member.

It is not looked upon as a crime to marry other races in Mexico which is quite a controversy in some states in the United States. They were particular when it comes to classification though and it shows by their social infrastructure which is wrapped around power dynamics.

These dynamics are expressed by Cervantes through paintings that are lush and messy looking. They are often seen in wood as well as corrugated aluminum. Most of her work focuses on abuse or violence. The materials are made of low-end quality while the historical references are those belonging in high class thus emphasizing the class difference.

Portraits are often a symbol of status. Cervantes wanted to reveal their form in order to eliminate the unnecessary social hierarchies. She wanted to reveal their trap and show people that history is progressing because of fear, avarice and lust. This form of art evokes emotions but there are also other means by which one can get the feeling of inspiration such as a personalised word art. It can be done by a professional or at home with an artistic hand.

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