Challenges Faced By Schools In Their Solar System Installation

More and more Australians are choosing solar because solar panels on the Gold Coast prices are dropping while electricity costs are rising. Because of the increased affordability of solar panels in Australia, they have achieved the highest rate of solar panel installations in the world. Companies are also drastically reducing the prices of installation in order to remain viable.

In the past decade, more than 1,430 NSW schools have had solar panels installed on their rooftops in order to reduce their carbon footprints. The type of solar used differs among the schools. Kensington Public School has an 18-kilowatt solar system while new Ballina High School has a 99.9 kW design.

According to the Department of Education, schools that are planning to install the photovoltaic system have to contact School Infrastructure NSW so that they can have a guide to follow. An independent feasibility study must be undertaken to determine the costs, energy consumption and the most suitable system. The Education Department will fund 50% of the costs if a certain criteria have been met by the school. The Education Department will also manage the project, apply for development approvals and hire contractors.

According to Anthony Weinberg, the process is quite complex particularly with how the government will contribute funding. Schools often lack the proper information on how to seek funding for their solar systems. It is easier for Catholic and independent schools to gain funding for their solar systems because there is less bureaucracy.

In the past, there was uncertainty on whether a school can recoup savings from the installation of solar panels or whether they will need revenue from the Department of Education. Solar systems can provide power to new air conditioners while reducing greenhouse emissions. Climate is the topic of conversation among students and they want to lead the change.

The significant drop in solar panels on the Gold Coast prices is very encouraging for households who want to reduce their electricity bills. Solar panels are a worthwhile long term investments particularly when installed by experienced electricians than will ensure a quality system. The innovative, energy-saving technology is suitable to Australian households that prefer a safe way to produce energy.

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