Coal Baron To Fund The First Solar Operated Train In Byron Bay

Renewable energy such as solar panels in Brisbane is now popular more than ever because of the stability it provides and the long-term savings it delivers to the consumer. It comes as no surprise when a coal baron made an announcement that the first solar-powered train will be funded in Australia.

One might not expect Byron Bay to see such record breaking news but it has already been confirmed by the Byron Bay Railroad Company.

Australian Solar Council’s John Grimes, despite not being connected to the train project, said that they believe that this train will be the first in the history of the world. He added that there is a train in India that utilizes solar power for their lights and fans on board but it does not have the capacity to power the entire train.

The operation of the Byron Bay Railroad Company is handled by Brian Flannery, the mining executive. The company is planning to build a heritage train with two carriages and plans to have it operational before Christmas of 2017, as told by the spokesperson of the company Jeremy Holmes.

The train will be utilizing the line from Casino to Murwillumbah which is remembered to have been shut down in 2004.

Australia Institute’s renewable energy specialist, Dan Cass, said that this is the first time that a train that size will be powered entirely by solar energy while the PV modules will be constructed on the roof.

The company has minor existing issues that are being discussed by the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator but they are confident that they will be given the license to build the train.

The travel length between one stop from Byron Bay going to North Beach will be three kilometers one way.

Mr Holmes shared that they have already been given an approval two years ago but the original plan was to utilize diesel for the train but in December of last year they have decided that it would be best to use solar power instead.

The train will be one big proof that renewable energy such as solar panels in Brisbane is already prevalent in the country of Australia due to the increasing costs in electrical energy.

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