Content Marketing Campaign For Health Insurance Focused On New Dads

The arrival of a baby to a family can be the triggering point for new dads to think about health insurance. This is the reason why content marketing agency Mahlab Media is creating a digital hub for WA-based health insurer HBF so that a stronger connection can be build with new dads or dads-to-be. The portal Direct Advice for Dads will feature content that is designed to provide relevant and important information for the other parent who is not given as much focus as the mom.

New dads are currently being under-represented at the stage in their life where they are pondering the importance of getting health insurance. Insurance must build an audience with the new dads who are grappling with their new role as father. It is common for new dads to start considering insurance when starting a family. Product information will appear on the portal but the real deal is content that will be written by new dads who have firsthand experience of the real thing.

The digital platform hopes to avoid publishing health-related content so as to differentiate HBF from other insurance providers. While new mothers are always flooded with information, men are sometimes left to the background. Men should not be overlooked because they are the equal partners of women. Expectant mothers devour a lot of information but it does not mean the new dads-to-be are not interested.

Insurance providers must make sure that content encompasses the new mother and father during every stage of their child’s life. Unlike traditional insurance marketing campaigns, Direct Advice for Dads does not expect to generate immediate sales. Content must build awareness and answer the most common questions that dads’ have. Content will be produced by Mahlab’s in-house team composed of journalists, bloggers and influencers. New dads are expected to cooperate with real and authentic experience.

The insurance industry is starting to realize the importance of content marketing for insurance companies. With the right content, it is easy enough for insurance providers to build a reputation within that niche. Gaining a good reputation in the industry through relevant content manifests itself through higher returns on investment (ROI).

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