Could California Lower The Threshold For DUI In Spite Of The Opposition Of The Alcohol Industry?

The best results for driving under the influence (DUI) case can only be obtained by hiring a DUI lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the legal system. Lawyers are present in the courtroom everyday and know how to deal with DUI cases to protect a client. They are also aware of the changes in DUI laws in different states.

In California, at least 3 people die and 10 are seriously injured due to crashes involving drunken drivers. This is unacceptable particularly with the availability of ride-sharing. A sensible bill that is currently under consideration in the Legislature could minimize the number of deaths and injuries due to crashes. The bill AB 1713 if approved will lower the threshold for DUI from the current .08 percent alcohol-blood ration to .05 present.

The legislation which was introduced by Assemblywoman Autumn Burke, D-Marina del Ray, is called Liam’s Law in honor of a 15-month old boy that was killed due to drunken driving in Southern California in 2016. The alcohol industry strongly opposes the legislation. Based on its claims, the legislation will not stop problem drinkers; instead more social drinkers will land in jail.

According to State Senator Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, co-author of the legislation, it is basic common sense to know that there is a big difference between .08 and.05 limits. A person who weighs about 160 pounds will have .08 BAC after 4 drinks in 1 hour. Three drinks and another person will have .05 BAC. This means that the person should not be driving.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine explained in a January 2018 report that the ability of a person to drive will start to deteriorate at low levels of BAC. This increases the risks of being involved in a crash. It is recommending the lowering of legal standard for DUI to .05 percent.

Sometimes, state police are not fair to individuals who have been charged with DUI. The results of the breathalyzer can be challenged by a DUI lawyer and make sure that the burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt us placed in the hands of the authorities.

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