Councils In The North East Require Natural Pest Control In Newcastle

No one at home wants to see pests like rats, mice, cockroaches, wasps and bedbugs. This will require pest control in Newcastle to eradicate the pests.

But according to a recent survey, homes located in the North have higher rates of infestations than other parts in the UK.

According to the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), Middlebrough, Newcastle, Sunderland and South Tyneside have made the top 10 pest control call-outs in 2012. This simply means that there were more callers for a pest control in Newcastle in these areas.

Specialists are mixed-up as to the main cause of the North’s pest problems. However, it can be due to the population density and the lively nightlife, and the accessibility of free pest control services.

Michelle Kelly, a mother of two, was forced to move out of her home after seeing rats across her bedroom. She said she felt absolutely horrible after seeing the pests right before her eyes. Currently, she lives with two sons Thomas and AJ.

Portfolio holder for city services, Counsellor James Blackburn said: “Sunderland City Council furnishes a free domestic control service for the treatments of rodents and other pests where it is a risk to public health. The council also offers proactive treatments, which include factors as weather conditions. It contributes to the increasing number of pests in the area.

The head of local services and highways said: “They were a bit stunned at the higher than average of pest problems in Newcastle. It may perhaps need a pest control in Newcastle to solve its pest issues. They think that the North East councils are quite good at responding and recording call-outs.”

According to technical manager of BPCA Richard Moseley, the pest problem in the North can be down to several factors. It will have to include population density and the liveliness of the city’s nightlife. He continues that the free service for pest control in Newcastle should greatly help. However, he warned that cuts from the council will noticeably increase the pest problem.

Mr. Mosley adds that this can be an awareness that can affect the future of these areas; however, if the free service for pest control in Newcastle shall be removed, this will worsen especially that people here lack adequate finances.

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