COVID Economy Rapidly Advancing E-Commerce

E-commerce has gotten a boost due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a silver lining in that global cloud. This is due to the increasing digital habits of customers across the world, according to the latest Toluna COVID-19 Barometer.

The global pandemic has led to physical stores closing their doors, on top of demanding social distancing. These, in turn, have led to increased digital adoption among customers, with online shopping and digital streaming services in particular getting a good boost. Consequently, digital marketing endeavours, like king kong marketing reviews, are more important than ever. The Toluna COVID-19 Barometer, however, noted that some people still prefer to go to physical stores in order to get their hands on key personal items.

The data from the Toluna COVID-19 Barometer showed that 46% of respondents stated that they prefer getting personal care products and toiletries from physical stores, versus the 11% who prefer getting such products online. More than half of the respondents (57%) lean more towards physical grocery shopping compared to online, and 39% prefer getting clothes in-store. Tech items are also preferred by many to be acquired in-store, with 32% preferring physical stores compared to the 15% who prefer online shopping for these.

Toluna A/NZ Business Director Stephen Walker stated that COVID-19 have forced Aussies to change how they bank and shop, which is why real-time insight is more important for marketers and brands, the people who pay the most attention to things like king kong marketing reviews and the like.

Walker says that, even though they expect customer habits to continue to change, it is somewhat encouraging for retailers to see that people will still go to their physical stores, if it’s safe to do so.

Alongside the increasing digitization of transactions, cash has seen a decline in its use, helped by hygienic reasons. According to the data from Toluna, 62% of people opt for digital or card payments whenever they can.

On top of that, more and more people (60%) are now becoming more comfortable with handling financials services online, and would be fine with keeping that up once things return to normal. 38% also stated that they’re fine with getting financial advice from experts online or via video.


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