Dental Implant Failure Due To Complications And Contamination

It has been relatively common for dentists to recommend dental implants to replace missing tooth because of its high success rates. Dental implants are offered by Affordable Dental Solutions Reading for a much lower price than other dental clinics so that budget-conscious patients can experience the aesthetics and functional benefits.

However, failure can occur in dental implants. It can be an early failure that happens before the insertion of the abutment and crown or late failure that happens after a certain period of time after the dental implant process.

When mechanical complications occur, it usually involves damages to the prosthetic components or implant screw due to occlusal trauma or material fatigue. Such complications usually include fractures to the implant body, abutment, crown, supra-structure or the screw body.

When biological complications occur, bacteria-induced disease affects the soft and hard tissue. Many of the biological complications result from dental implant contamination. There are cases that describe that the failure of the dental implant is due to adjacent natural tooth that has endodontic-induced apical pathology.

Periapical lesions travel to the dental implant to cause an exaggerated loss of attachment in just a short period of time. If this happens, it is important for the dentist to immediately diagnose and treat the infected natural teeth that is adjacent to the dental implant.

Soft and hard tissue loss may result due to excess cement left during the insertion of the crown. According to a study, 90% of implant crowns that have inserted using cement exhibit inflammation and bleeding because cement acts as a nidus for bacteria. This will induce fast tissue loss around the dental implant fixture.

Recent studies also suggest that contaminated titanium particles can cause inflammation and tissue breakdown. There are instances when titanium particles are exposed to the oral environment or repeated instrumentation during hygiene that causes contamination.

Dental implants are generally successful that is why it is the option that is always recommended by Affordable Dental Solutions Reading to patients who have lost a tooth or more. The dentist will assess the patient’s health before planning the overall surgical technique. The dental implant surgery will require local anesthesia or another form of sedation.

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