Dental Implants As A Long-Lasting Tooth Replacement Solution

Many people prefer dental implants in Reading because it is a long-lasting tooth replacement solution. A patient’s confidence and beautiful smile can be restored through the combination of advanced technology and highest quality materials on the market. Dental implants are permanent solutions to missing teeth and do not need any adhesives to keep them in place.

The dental implant is a post usually made from titanium that is biocompatible with the bone. The dentist inserts the titanium implant on the jawbone through a minor surgical procedure using local anaesthesia. After the surgery, the patient has to wait for 4 to 6 months for the implant to fuse to the bone. After fusion has been completed, the titanium implant will have the same stability and strength as the natural tooth.

Dental implants serve as the anchors to provide a strong foundation for the new set of teeth. After the 6-month healing period, the patient has to return to the dental clinic for the second procedure that will expose the top of the implants for the attachment of the permanent prosthesis.

A new dental solution is the All-in-4 that works like a dental implant except that it uses 4 implants instead of one. Once the implants fuse to the jawbone, a fixed denture or permanent bridge is attached to the implants to provide the patient with full and beautiful functional teeth.

Very limited special care is needed by the All-in-4 dental implants. Once a fixed denture has been attached, it can be brushed like natural teeth. The patient can smile, speak and eat with comfort. However, the All-in-4 dental procedure is very expensive particularly in the United States.

Patients are often required to travel to other countries to enjoy better prices. The price of dental implants including other dental procedures like crowns, veneers, root canal and full mouth restorations is 50% to 70% less than US prices.

If you are interested in dental implants in Reading, it is helpful to learn more about the procedure. You can also request for an appointment so that your concerns and questions will be answered. The price you will pay for dental implants is less than what other dental clinics charge.

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