Different Methods For Advertising Reviews

Nothing is more valuable than a customer’s feedback. While reviews help a business to find their strengths and weaknesses in the products and services they offer, customer reviews also build credibility and improves a brand’s reputation. A business can utilise positive customer feedback by using different methods of advertising them on the internet.

  1. Display star ratings on a paid ad. Just like a film puts laurel leaves of awards on its posters, a brand can put its average star rating on its ads, which can reach thousands of people.


  1. Highlight testimonials on your website through a banner or carousel. Nothing makes a website look better than seeing positive experiences from real customers.


  1. Include reviews in pricing packages. If a product or service is expensive, it helps knowing that it’s worth the price. By showing testimonials and feedback about how a user got their money’s worth, a potential customer will feel less daunted by the selling price.


  1. Share a customer’s feedback in a newsletter or blog. A brand can feature a customer’s story and also include their own words about how it felt for them to provide service to this customer. Sharing heartwarming stories can help build a brand’s passion for forming relationships with their customers.


  1. Create content from reviews. Social media is a key player in the digital marketing world. Instead of just pulling the quotes from satisfied customers, a brand can also create stories out of it. A brand can also create a video testimonial from a customer, like King Kong advertising reviews on YouTube.


By sharing customer feedback, a brand can boost their reputation and provide a deeper insight into the experience of availing the products and services they offer.

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