Different Types Of Braces In Lansdale

Only a few people own a perfect set of teeth. Many individuals are grateful for the discovery of the different orthodontic treatments to correct teeth problems. Having a good set of teeth can raise the confidence of an individual.

The most common treatment that people with teeth problem often get is to have dental braces. There are different braces in Lansdale that the orthodontist may recommend. They have one common goal and that is to correct a particular dental problem.

Damon Braces

This type of dental braces is currently a popular choice among orthodontists due to the gentler treatment that comes with it. Patients only need to have a few dental visits when they have Damon Braces, which use a slide mechanism to join the archwires. They are also self-ligating.

These braces yield quicker results. The teeth are allowed to move by themselves and there’s no need to adjust them. This brings less pressure and friction to the teeth, making any movement less painful. It is also easier to keep the braces clean. The fewer trips to the dental office can help save some time and money.

Traditional Braces

The modern traditional braces have a lighter structure and weight as compared to the previous ones. The material that is used to make them is high-grade stainless steel. The braces have metal brackets attached to the teeth. A certain type of cement is used to secure the metal brackets in place. A thin archwire connects the brackets to each other. The brackets put pressure on the teeth and make them move gradually into their proper place.

The archwires use o-rings or ligatures, which are tiny elastics, to connect to the brackets. The orthodontist must replace the o-rings or ligatures every time the braces must be tightened. There are some brackets that don’t need to use ligatures, and these braces are known as self-ligating braces.

Ceramic Braces

These braces bear some similarities with the traditional braces, except, the braces use clear ceramic material. The braces are practically invisible that no one would notice if they don’t take a closer look. The downside in using this type of braces is that elastics usually become discolored that can leave unsightly marks on the teeth.

The orthodontist is the one who can suggest the most suitable braces in Lansdale for the patient who may need them.

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