Different Varieties Of Threads For Sewing

Thread is the basic component for sewing. Sewing by hand or by machine requires, good quality thread. Choosing the right sewing thread that suits the fabric is very important to achieve a highly finished garment. The thread should have the same qualities that match with the fabric being stitched, the colour should go well with fabric and the thread should be fine and strong.

There are a number of varieties of thread, like cotton thread, polyester thread, nylon thread etc. available in the market. Each thread has its own qualities and features.

Cotton thread

Cotton thread is suitable for natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and rayon. The thread is most suitable for light to medium weight fabrics. Cotton thread also works well with stretchable fabrics. Mercerized cotton thread are smooth and lustrous and has low elasticity.

Polyester thread

This type of thread is suitable for knit fabrics, woven synthetic materials and stretchable fabrics. The polyester thread has more elasticity when compared to cotton thread. Polyester threads are available in many variations such as cotton coated threads, blended threads etc.

Silk thread

Silk thread is suitable for thin and delicate fabrics like silk, wool and lingerie materials. The silk thread is soft and strong and has elasticity. The thread integrates easily into the fabric and provides a clean finish to the garment.

Invisible thread

Invisible thread as the name suggests, is a soft and light thread for invisible stitches. The invisible thread is made from polyester or nylon thread and is available in a range of colours and sheens. The thread is commonly used for sewing designer labels, tapes and patches on garments. The invisible thread is also perfect for sewing quilts on machines.

Wool thread

Wool threads are suitable for embroidery. They are perfect for heavy fabric materials such as canvas and wool.

Heavy duty sewing thread

These threads are not for regular sewing. The strong thread is suitable for heavy fabrics used for upholstery, cushion covers, window shades and denim bags etc. These threads are made from cotton or polyester or a combination of both.

Nylon thread

This type of thread is smooth and flexible. The lightweight nylon thread provides strength to the seams. The thread is suitable for a wide range of synthetic fabrics such as suede, fleece and faux fur.

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