Drought Can Lead To Uprooting Of Trees

The drought conditions is believed to be a contributor to how severe the damage that has been received by Massachusetts when a tornado hits them.

A tornado came tearing through a part of Concord, Massachusetts in a Monday morning. The people were woken up because of the sound of wind coming from the tornado and there were trees snapping all around.

The twister hits land in around 3 in the morning and it has cause damages to around 39 homes in its path which is around a half mile in length and the width is estimated to be 400 yards. The speed of the wind during the twister attack is around 100 miles/hour.

One of the witnesses said that it was a crazy event and that it caused a really loud noise while another witness shared that everything in its path is seen to be shaking.

One witness who was able to hear the noise also shared that it sounded like there is a freight train coming to their part of the land.

According to the National Weather Service, drought plays a big role when it comes to giving rate to an F-1 tornado. They also said that it is quite possible that majority of the trees were uprooted due to the ongoing drought situation.

Based on a statement from a certified arborist working with Bartlett Tree Service located in Hooksett, Joe Davis, it is very much possible that the drought caused the uprooting. This is because the root systems are very dry and there is no moisture that is able to hold the roots down.

Bartlett also said that the trees have already been showing that they are in distress condition because of the ongoing drought. There are even some trees that have started to change their color while some are losing their leaves as if it is already the season of fall.

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