Effective Solutions For Blocked Drains

Every now and then, you may experience blocked drains around the house. With every blocked drain, you will experience inconvenience so it would be best to know exactly what you are going to do the next time you have a problematic drain or water system. The first thing to do when you noticed that there is a clogged drain around the house is try to determine if it warrants an emergency call or it can still wait till the next day. Take note that emergency calls or calls made at night, during off hours are more costly than calls made during weekdays and during the day. Try to determine emergency situations to avoid calling for a plumber during night time. You can tell that it is an emergency situation if there is a risk of flooding in your house such as in the case of incessant water drip in your bathroom or sink.

You can also try to fix your blocked drains issues before calling for a professional plumber. If you are experiencing slow water running on your shower strainer or kitchen drain, you can pour boiling water onto the drain then check if water runs better this time. Another option is to mix equal parts of baking soda and vinegar until it sizzles. Pour the mixture into the drain and leave it for an hour or overnight. The next day, pour hot water into the drain and see if water flows better. You can also mix baking soda and salt as it can effectively remove silt and gunk within the drain pipes. However, if you have already tried these home solutions and none of them worked or the problem recurs, you might want to consider calling a qualified drain cleaner to handle the issue for there might be a bigger problem within. Consider calling a drain cleaner if you noticed a reeking stench from your drain.

Only entrust the solution to your blocked drains from a reputable drain cleaner. Ask your neighbours and friends for recommendations such as plumber that they trust and you can rely.

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