Electric Vehicles Next Phase For Van Operators

Based on the latest report from the transport industry including logistics operators the likes of Rhenus Lupprians, seven out of 10 van operators are planning to add electric vehicles, more commonly known as EVs, to their company fleet in 2020.

The logistics report for 2019 was published by the Freight Transport Association or FTA. It states that 71.4 per cent of the van operators are already planning to purchase electric vehicles in order to add to their fleets in the next year. On the other hand, around 41 per cent are planning to buy new plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The same report also states that nearly one-fourth of operators or equivalent to 24 per cent are already on their way to acquiring range extended vehicles. These refer to vehicles that are electrically powered but came with a small petrol generator which has the ability to charge the batteries in order for the vehicle to last another few miles which is intended for emergency purposes.

According to the report, over 500 logistics companies voluntarily participated in the survey. Their plea now is for the government to put more funds into the development of electric technology as well as the supporting infrastructure to make sure that the transition will be as fast and efficient as possible. The policy manager of the FTA in-charge of the vans and urban, Denise Beedell, said that many of the operators are expressing their desire for environment-friendly alternative but they require in the support from the government in order to make this possible.

She added that the FTA along with its members is in the same goal of decreasing their contribution in carbon emissions in every possible way. In line with this, they were not surprised by the amount of operators who have expressed their intent on using electric vehicles.

Many logistics companies including Rhenus Lupprians are also doing their part in taking care for the environment by making sure they release as little carbon emissions as possible. The government’s task is to help make this goal possible by publishing guidelines based on electric vehicles so that the burden will not fall on those businesses alone.

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