Five Popular Models Of Riding Jackets

Using proper clothing and protective gear is very important for stylish and safe ride on a motorcycle. Riding jacket is one of the most important gear that protects the upper body of the rider and also enhances the style quotient.

However, the variety of riding jackets makes it challenging for the new bike riders to pick a stylish yet functional jacket. Here is a quick guide on different types of jackets available with mens motorcycle clothing shops.

Cruiser jackets

This is the most popular and commonly available model. The cruiser jackets offer a mix of functionality and fashion. These jackets are form-fitting and are available in a variety of materials like, leather, synthetic and cotton.  While leather jackets are the most stylish, cotton is suitable for places with hot weather.

Touring jackets

Touring jackets are suitable for long distance rides. They are loose fitting and offer maximum comfort. These jackets are designed in materials that are breathable and water proof and hence are suitable for different weather conditions.

Racing jackets

These jackets are specially designed for the high speed racing tracks. The jacket has a tight fit which offers good aero dynamics and maximum protection. These jackets sport a biking armour and are designed in thick materials for enhance protection.

Commuting jackets

These jackets are designed for everyday use. They are lightweight and have a comfort fit. They can be comfortably worn over the regular clothes to protect them from the dust. These jackets are also known as the cross overs. These jackets are the basic ones, which are available at low prices. Most of the mens motorcycle clothing stores have a huge collection of crossovers in different textiles and colours.

Off-road jackets

These jackets are also known as motocross jackets. They are specially designed for off-road biking and dirt biking. These jackets have high impact protection and are made with hard outer coverings. Like the racing jackets, these jackets also sport a body armour to protect the bikers from the bumps and falls.

Bikers can visit a reputed mens motorcycle clothing shop in their neighbourhood to know more about the different types of riding jackets and the right one that suits their riding style and personality.

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