Friendships Created From The Same Love For Sports

It is common to meet different types of individuals at sports bar in Caringbah but all of them get together because of sports. One of the persons you will likely meet is someone who is wearing the jersey of his favourite team and who will high five you whenever his team scores. His excitement and rowdiness can easily rub off you.

If you need proof that friendships can be created, watch a game at a sports bar. At the Red Card Bar on Smithe on Downtown Vancouver, take a seat during the NBA Finals and you will easily meet a dozen fans of Toronto Raptors.

Christian Beckerman and long-time girlfriend Krista Francescut discovered Red Card Bar 3 seasons ago when they were looking for a sports bar to watch the Raptor’s game. The Red Card is one of the few sports bars in town that would play sounds while a game is going on.

The sports bar was playing Raptors regular season games and gradually attracted a crowd. It is difficult to meet people in Vancouver because they are introverts but they all get together when it comes to sports.

The 150-capacity sports bar is occupied every Raptor’s game. There is a mixed group composed of Vancouverites and Torontonians. The group met at Red Card and they become friends outside the bar. The groups became close in all parts of their life and have remained in regular contact with one another.

The atmosphere during the NBA Finals between the Raptors and Golden State Warriors was unbelievable. It was an entire full bar with people coming to have a few drinks and dinner. The phone keeps on ringing with people asking for reservation for the Raptors. Seats are reserved for the group that regularly shows up every Raptor’s game. Friendships were formed as they watch the Raptors win.

It is very likely that nobody knows when you enter the sports bar in Caringbah but after the game, you have earned a few friends. You will catch all the action live between the NSW Blues and QLD Maroons on the big screens. Join the excitement over a few drinks.

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