Gender Neutral Bathrooms To Address The Social Issues Surrounding Bathrooms

Everybody uses the bathroom and aside from the controversies surrounding public bathrooms, there are other issues that need to be given attention. People with disabilities and parents who have to take their child of the opposite sex to use a large public restroom have told stories on the amount of discomfort they have experienced.

Many so-called “family” or gender neutral bathrooms are being built but the pace is very slow. In many schools, it remains to be a big challenge for transgender students to find a safe bathroom they can use. In her opinion piece that was published at the Washington Post last year, Laura Noren, the co-editor of “Toilet: Public Restrooms and the Politics of Sharing” said that if a bathroom has better design it will solve all the issues associated with public bathrooms.

Last year, Target announced that the company will be spending $20 million for the expansion of gender neutral bathrooms in its stores after receiving lots of criticisms that their stores allow transgender employees and customers to use bathrooms of their choice.

Larry Merighi, a Vineland architect that designs and renovates schools said that schools are trying to adapt to social issues but so far, most of the remodeling projects involve compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act.

Privacy is a growing concern in public bathrooms because people are becoming more self-conscious. When they use showers, it must be done in privacy. People have become rather sensitive to cultural norms but improvements are best done in new constructions. An option for area schools is to convert single-use staff bathrooms into gender-neutral bathrooms that everyone can use.

The use of public bathrooms is a basic human right and the social issue can be addressed by gender-neutral bathrooms. While this solution can work, costs of construction have to be considered.

While glass shower screens cannot be used in public restrooms, it will work well for your own bathroom. Shower screens made from durable glass is becoming the trend in cities where bathroom space is considerable smaller. The use of glass gives the illusion that the space is larger than what it actually seems.

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