Going Back To The Days When Gas Stations Had Clean Bathrooms And Courteous Service

Bathrooms in gas stations are very convenient for travelers because they do not have to worry where to relive themselves. Gas stations promote cleanliness and as well as excellent customer service. However, seldom do you hear comments that the bathroom is OK; it is more common to hear complaints that the restroom is a big mess.

Dirty shoes usually create a trail but there was no way of preventing this because bathrooms usually get a lot of foot traffic. Floors are wet and littered with paper towels. It may not smell that bad but the bathroom is not spotless. Restrooms are tiny and lines are long so that trash is not immediately swept. The yellow cone in the hallway that reads “Caution wet floor” does not prevent people from entering the bathroom even if there is a risk of slipping.

Years ago, gas stations competed for territory and they used customer service in their promotions. Texaco that build the first public restrooms in gas stations created the “Mr. Service” ads that made the gas station attendant an iconic occupation. Whenever a driver pulled into the gas station, uniformed gas attendants immediately came to pump gas, to check the vehicle’s oil and water and to wash the windows. Maps were handed, directions given and cars were fixed by the mechanics.

When America reached the peak of 216,000 gas stations, oil crises rocked the country and the gas stations owners thought it was more profitable to sell cigarettes, candies and lottery tickets. Attendants disappeared because self-service soon became the trend. Later on, Americans were treated to convenience stores, fast food chains and 7-Eleven hybrids at the gas station. However, people have never learned to respect bathrooms. The look of frustration is always present, the look elicited by a dirty bathroom.

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