Grant Given To Orange County For Recycling Program

The board of county commissioners for Orange County recently gave the green light for a grant agreement between the county’s recycling program and The Recycling Partnership which is based in Falls Church, Virginia. This is in an effort to improve the quality of the recycling done in the county. This will be accomplished through proper education, outreach programs, training opportunities and access to resources. This will also benefit companies that provide junk removal Orange County because they recognize the need for a better recycling program in the area.

The grant will require The Recycling Partnership to given an amount of $193,000 to Orange County. In addition, $150,000 more will be provided to cover the costs of the staff and the support for resources needed. Orange County, on their part, promised to allot $30,000 which will go to the staff and resources to make sure that Think 5, their local recycling program, will be improved in terms of quality.

Mayor Jerry Demings of Orange County said that they are proud to be chosen by The Recycling Partnership as the recipient of the funding support to aid their recycling efforts. He added that the county is intent to make sure that they follow a sustainable way of living. They recognize the importance of the grant because they will be able to teach their residents on the proper way of recycling.

It was one summer ago when the county decided to begin its quality improvement for its existing recycling program. The first they did was to inspect recycling carts and the tag they came along with. They also gave feedback to clients regarding ways to avoid contamination through proper recycling by separating the clothing, plastic bags, non-recyclable items and pizza boxes. Residents of the county are taught to always Thing 5 which means they can only recycle 5 items – paper, plastic, cardboard, and glass and metal containers.

The vice president of technical assistant for The Recycling Partnership, Jill Martin, said that they are happy to be able to work with Orange County together with the Green Blue Institute. This is the best way to teach residents that do not have the means to hire junk removal Orange County on how to recycle the items they wanted to throw away.

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