Guidelines To Help Entrepreneurs Patent Their Inventions

The process of patenting a new innovation is long and involves a lot of paperwork. First time entrepreneurs are confused about the whole process and often end up wasting huge money in consultations.

Here are some important guidelines to help you on How to patent an idea.

Maintain a detailed record of the invention process

It is essential to record each and every step of the process. Write detailed explanations with diagrams about every stage of the product innovation. Document the reasons that led to the development of the product and every modification to the original idea. You can also create a prototype of the product, if possible. Each entry must be signed by you and at least two other witnesses.

Check whether your invention qualifies for a patent

Not every new product qualifies to get a patent. The product must be completely new and must not be available for sale in the market. The product features should not be matching with that of an existing product.

The new product or idea should be commercially viable

Applying for a patent is a huge investment. It is advisable to conduct a thorough market research to assess the commercial potential of your invention. Start the process of applying for a patent, only when you feel that it is commercially viable to spend the time and money on the new idea or product.

Perform a thorough patent search

To get a patent, the product or idea should be new. So it is advisable to conduct a thorough patent search in the relevant field to know about the existing patents. Search the US and foreign patents, you can also read scientific and technical journals related to the field of your inventions to get an idea about the existing patents on similar products. You can also perform online search or visit a patent and trademark depository to search for existing patents. Once you get information about the existing patents that are similar to your invention, it will be easier to describe how your product is different from others in the patent application.

File an application for the patent

The last step in the process is to file an application with the patent office. The application should contain a detailed description of your invention, drawings, prototype and the salient features and uses of the product.

Now that you know How to patent an idea, go ahead and protect your invention with a valid patent.

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