High Rating In Destination Index: Numbers Of Vacationists Up In A Hotel Near Terminal 21

Bangkok, the capital city of the Kingdom of Thailand, has been continuing on its course to become one of the most popular tourist destinations not just among Asian countries but one of the most popular in the entire world. That is according to the latest result of the MasterCard Asia Pacific Destination Index. Included in the top 10 in the list are cities in Thailand namely: Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. The findings are based on the total number of international overnight arrivals, total money spent by vacationists and, total number of nights that were spent at a certain destination whether it’s a hotel near Terminal 21 or a beach resort in Patong Town.

In the region, the top city in terms of most number of tourist arrivals is none other than the capital city of Bangkok which was able to record 19.3 million visitors. Phuket is in 6th place in that category with a number of tourist arrivals amounting 9.1 million while Pattaya is in 8th place with 8.1 million total number of tourist arrivals. Bangkok also recorded the highest number of total nights spent by visitors, recording 87.6 million nights spent. One of the main reason for this big number is that vacationists are choosing to stay at hotels that have strategic locations such as the hotel near Terminal 21 which is sitting at the very heart of Bangkok’s heart, the Sukhumvit District where you can find the shopping malls and food stalls. Also, such hotels are also close to vital installations such as embassies of the different countries and other major and financial establishments that are accessible through Sukhumvit Road and other parallel roads. In terms of most money spent by vacationists in a specific destination, Bangkok is only behind Singapore by 2.5+ billion US Dollars in total expenses spent by vacationists. Singapore was able to record 15.4 billion US Dollars in terms of total expenditure by vacationists while Bangkok was able to gather 12.7 billion US Dollars which is also one of the reasons why the tourism industry in Thailand in general, has been booming as of late because the billions of US Dollars that are coming from local and foreign tourists are all coming back to Thailand economy.

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