Homogenisation, A Threat To Interior Design

If you are not aware of what homogenisation is, all you have to do is decide to furnish your space and you will get to know this trend. When you go to your local homemaker centers, you will have a lot of choices when it comes to shops but once you go in you will find out that the stocks in every shops are almost similar. This is what homogenisation is.

According to the designer as well as director of AZB The Creative, in the past years, you have options for a good design and the remaining are those bad designs that are boring and tacky. Nowadays, social media has paved way for everyone to be in the loop of the latest trends, what good taste is all about and what designers are doing. The goal is to inspire new ideas and create more good designs but it has only turned every reader a self-declared expert when it comes to interior designing. The result is that there are now the same bland ideas that are considered good taste scattered all over the globe. The same can be said for hotels and coffee shops, whether you are in Rio or Reykjavik, the designs are identical. It has the same ambiance that the Starbucks have in all its branches all over the world, the lighting are low level tungsten, the tiles slab used are similar to those in the subway, wooden tables are incorporated and what they considered as highlights are fluoro that has the chevron pattern.

Zabotto-Bentley is not the type to hold back and according to him, this is all because of the cultural globalization. He shared how the blame can be partly given to the design homogenization that is happening. He may be in favor of democracy, in a way that good design should not be only accessible to hip elite but he admitted that the cookie-cutter way of designing should be stopped. He also shared how there are too many television shows showcasing home renovation and mood boards that are shared all over social media but there is very little when it comes to original designs. Original designs are rare just like the interior design in Bangkok.


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