How A Probate Lawyer Helps The Personal Representatives And Beneficiaries Of An Estate

A probate lawyer is also called as an estate lawyer. He is responsible to guide the personal representative through the entire probate process, from the beginning to the end. The probate laws vary from country to country and the probate lawyers should be well versed in the probate laws and should be licensed.

The beneficiary of an estate can also hire probate lawyers in Melbourne to advise him on the legal and other matters presented by the principal representative. The probate lawyers assist the personal representatives and beneficiaries of an estate in the following areas

  1. They help in location and securing of the probate and no probate assets of the estate.
  2. The main duty of the probate lawyers in Melbourne is to obtain the date of death values of all the decedents’ properties and make appraisals.
  3. The lawyer prepares and files all the documents to be submitted in the probate court in a timely and orderly manner.
  4. The probate lawyers in Melbourne also help in collecting the life insurance proceeds of the decadent.
  5. The lawyers advise on the payment of outstanding debts and final bills of the decedent. They arrange the cash to repay all the outstanding payments and taxes.
  6. They help to determine the applicable estate taxes and inheritance taxes and how to pay them.
  7. The probate lawyers also help to keep track of the checking account of the estate.
  8. They help the personal representatives of the estate and beneficiaries to tackle the income tax issues and pay all the decedents outstanding taxes.
  9. They settle disputes between the personal representatives and the beneficiaries and help them in selling off the estate property, when required. They also help in distributing the left over assets of the decedent after paying the bills and outstanding taxes among the beneficiaries of the estate.
  10. The probate lawyers help the beneficiaries in retitling the assets of the decedent into the names of the beneficiaries.

There are a number of probate lawyers and it is essential to select a qualified and experienced probate lawyers in Melbourne to take care of all the requirements of the probate process and complete it efficiently.

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