How To Buy Fresh Orchids From Thailand Orchid Growers

Buying the things you need is already made easier with internet shopping. As a matter of fact, even your fresh supply of orchids can be easily obtained from Thailand orchid growers via the internet or online shops. However, to ensure that you will get the freshest orchids in the market, it is best to be meticulous so as not to waste your time and money. Here are some tips to buy the best orchids from a reputable orchid grower.

Read the labels

Orchids come in different types and there are different caring techniques for each. There are those that should just be watered less while there are those that needs closer attention. Only purchase orchids with straightforward labels and with caring instructions such as if it is an outdoor or indoor plant, its water requirements, and the kind of environment that suits the orchid and other relevant information. The contact information of the orchid grower such as its local numbers, email address and physical address of its shop should also be indicated on the label.

Do not go for bargains

Although it is wise for you to look for Thailand orchid growers that offer pocket-friendly price, keep in mind that quality always comes with a price. If the orchid is offered at a very low price, give it some more attention and inspect it. Carefully check the orchid from roots to tips. Do not easily fall for attractive packaging because the nice trappings might be trying to cover unhealthy roots. You can easily tell a healthy orchid by looking closely at its roots, leaves and spikes. You can find more information on how to determine healthy orchid by checking online.

Check the company’s shipping methods

Shipping, packaging and handling are some important aspects that will keep the orchids fresh as it reaches the customers and orchid resellers. Shippers normally repot orchids and the entire repotting process is stressful for the plants. Find out what repotting and shipping methods are used by Thailand orchid growers especially for those that will be shipped abroad. To keep the orchids hydrated and healthy, theyare re-potted in water-retaining mix. Remove the orchids right away from this temporary pot when you get the delivery.

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