How To Order Roller Blinds Made To Measure

You can easily purchase ready-made roller blinds in major shopping malls and even online. However, if you want an accurate roller blind that fits perfectly on your windows, go for roller blinds made to measure. Doing the measurement is easy and there are a lot of suppliers that offer made to measure roller blinds to their customers. Here are tips on how to get the perfect measurement to your roller blinds.

  • Get a pen and paper for noting down the measurements. Use a metal tape measure as it can be more accurate than a dress maker’s tape which can stretch or bend and curl during the measuring process.
  • Use millimetres to measure as it is used by most suppliers. This way, you can be sure that you are on the same page with the roller blinds maker.
  • For accurate result of roller blinds made to measure, take into consideration the air vents, tiles and handle positions of windows. Make sure that when the blinds are installed, these elements would still be functional.
  • Decide how and where the blinds would be installed. For instance, you can install the roller blinds over the frame or you can have it fixed into the wall or inside the frame for a more fitted appearance. Note down all the measurements and which side of the blinds the controls will be located.
  • If you want the blinds to be outside the window frame, measure the width that you want to be covered with blinds. Note down the measurement. After that, measure the length of the blind from the top down to the hem of the roller blind then once again, note down the measurements.
  • After you are done with the measurements, choose the right design for your roller blinds. You can visit your preferred website for ideas or you can also visit home design websites for inspiration.
  • Contact the supplier of roller blinds made to measure when you have the design and corresponding measurements. Fill out the form so you could be provided with free cost estimates and other necessary information.
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