How To Properly Respond To Negative Reviews

People hunting for a job frequently go to employer review sites like Glassdoor to know the inside story behind every company. Reviews are anonymously posted by both current and former employees. Their reviews are indispensable for job seekers who want to make a confident decision. Positive reviews make an employer very attractive to talents.

However, there is also a downside to review sites particularly if the reviews are unfavourable regardless of whether they are warranted or not. The question here is how companies should respond to negative reviews.

It is important for a company that receives negative reviews to refrain from reacting defensively. By doing so, the company faces the risks of looking tyrannical. In worse case scenarios, it would confirm that everything that was written is true. Negative statements about a company can be very upsetting but the employer needs to cool off before addressing the criticism.

Negative reviews can be countered by a response that the company is resolving the problem and will undertake certain steps to prevent the problem from happening in the future. While this response is far from perfect, it shows the willingness to respond to criticism. Not only will the response allay the fears of potential applicants, it will endear them to the company further.

Responding to positive and negative reviews allows a company to share some of the positive benefits of working there. The response must be sincere so that users will not take it as a blatant self promotion. It is important to ensure that content make sense instead of appearing like it was forced.

Responses to reviews must always present a company’s strengths and values. 69% of job seekers are likely to apply for a job if a company actively responds to reviews to manage its brand. If issues are addressed by executives, the feedback is taken more seriously by users.

It is very likely that you have read review in some popular reviews sites. You will notice that most anonymous reviews from present and past employees present a true picture of the digital agency. It is obvious that most of the reviews want to encourage the best talents to apply and join the team.

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