How To Use Reviews To Enhance Online Presence During The Pandemic

According to research, consumers generally trust a King Kong marketing agency review more than an advertisement. They consider reviews as credible because they are based on customer’s personal experiences. For consumers, it’s like trusting the recommendation of someone they know. For businesses, reviews are a very powerful form of advertising they get for free.

The coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted almost all industries whether small or big. According to Facebook’s State of Small Business Report, industries that bore the most impact due to the pandemic are cafes, hotels, and restaurants including service-oriented businesses. These industries are dependent on activities that were restricted due to Covid19.

However, business slow down does not mean ignoring tools like Google Reviews and Google My Business.  Consumers still require information particularly when they have to stay home. Information can keep consumers updated while they browse the internet.

At least 76% of consumers trust reviews and consider them as personal recommendations. It would be a wise decision for a business to ramp up on its reviews. From the perspective of a customer, replying to Google Reviews in a timely manner enhances business credibility.

A report from Replypro revealed that chain locations are experiencing a drop in their ratings because of consumer complaints on cleanliness, wait times, and deliveries. There has also been a noticeable decrease in favourable reviews. This means that negative reviews are winning. To avoid a detrimental effect on the business, it is important to respond to the reviews and messages left by customers.

Responding to reviews may not be as important as customer experience but it maintains the online reputation that impacts local search results. In simple words, if the website and social media marketing strategies have been ignored before the pandemic, it is time to change the tactics. Respond to Google reviews to make sure that customers will find the business.

How should a digital agency respond to a King Kong marketing agency review online? Aside from expressing gratitude for the customer’s feedback, it makes sense to inform customers about the business. Make it known to the customer that the digital agency is specializing in online marketing and search engine optimization with the best results guaranteed.

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