Imitating The Beauty Of Marble Through Ink Jet Technology

Homeowners who are looking for outdoor floor tiles must always take into account slip resistance and the ability to withstand outdoor environments. The tiles must be durable enough to remain undamaged in heavy foot traffic. Some tiles may be prone to chips and scuffs overtime and lose the visual appeal.

The demand for ceramic and porcelain tiles has dramatically increased due to the advent of new inkjet technology that is being applied to tiles. For example, the highly expensive onyx marble has a cheaper alternative in porcelain tiles that have been printed with onyx marble texture. One square meter of onyx marble generally cost about $500 when purchased through the quarry. A porcelain tile costs 10% to 20% of the price of onyx marble.

According to Oscar Vilar, Asian Market export director of Baldocer, digital technology has allowed tiles manufacturers to print designs on tiles. The beauty of marble can now be imitated to make tiles more affordable. Vilar further said that in Spain, they bring materials left from a destroyed building to a clay factory. The old dust is recycled, compressed and used again as tile.

Michael Co, VP for sales and marketing of COHCI said that their in-house brand Luxe is in collaboration with Italian designers and Asian producers to bring ink jet technology to tiles. Most of Luxe tile designs were patterned from Italian designs. Films are purchased from Italian designers and used in production.

The latest tile collection of COHCI includes the Spanish brand Baldocer that offers big porcelain tiles called the B Plus. The collection has used ink jet technology to put designs on the tiles. There are tiles that look like real marble but less expensive. The tiles are available in variants of 80 x 160 and 120 x 120 in the Philippines.

Not all kinds of tiles are suitable for the outdoors. There are outdoor floor tiles that fair better in different temperatures and conditions. Another factor that must be considered is the style of the home, space or garden. By matching the tiles with the style of the home, you will go a long way in creating a visually appealing and cohesive space.

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