Incentives For Entering Emergency Plumber Of The Year

To those who are thinking that the plumbing industry is an easy industry, better think again. Yes, the plumbing industry is an industry for those who wants to earn easy money. Yes, there are many training facilities and opportunities across the globe for those who want to become an accredited plumber, especially an emergency plumber who primarily responds to emergency plumbing problems which can happen during the wee hours of the night and cannot wait until the morning. But make no mistake, the plumbing industry ranks among the dirtiest and wettest industries among all active industries in the world. And, getting certified to become a fully-licensed plumber is no joke because of the number of years you will need to spend in the apprenticeship stage just to get your certification. And when you have passed all of those struggles during your apprenticeship program which usually lasts up to 3 years and you’ve finally earned the appropriate accreditation from the state accrediting agency, working as a professional plumber in any place around the world is no easy job.

Now, if you are an emergency plumber who is working in the United Kingdom, then you can have the option to enter the competition that will determine the Plumber of the Year. Here’s the reason why you should join the said competition: every applicant to the competition will automatically receive an exclusive promotional code that one can use to avail 10% online discount from Plumb Centre. In addition to this, applicants can be entered into Bristan’s monthly sports rewards promotion wherein applicants can get a shot to attend an unforgettable sporting experience. Upon the completion of registration for the competition, applicants will go through a series of screening processes until the 15 semi-finalists have been completed. Then, the public will be allowed as who among the top 15 semi-finalists will move onto the top 5 of the said competition. Once the top 5 has been voted, the said 5 finalists will have to attend an interview session with the partners of the competition who will choose the winner who will take home 10,000 Pounds’ worth of plumbing supplies. As of now, over 400 applications have been submitted and interested plumbers have until June 16, 2017 to submit their application forms.

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