India’s First Innovative All-Electric Motorcycle

India’s first built-in all electric performance motorcycle has been recently launched by an innovative Indian startup. The electric motorcycle is a product of 7 years research and development to usher in a never before seen combination of features that will excite a smart urban commuter. The personal transport is driven by technology poised at the cutting edge.

The Tork T6X delivers 100 km after a full charge with top speed pegged at 100 kilometers per hour. The lithium ion battery is dust and water resistant with charging through a standard 15A power source. It will take about an hour to reach 80% charge and 2 hours to achieve a 100% charge. However, once the battery has been fully charged, the electric motorcycle can run from 80,000 to 100,000 kilometers.

The manufacturer of Tork T6X has taken into consideration charging stations because they are vital to the performance of the electric motorcycle. Tork has put up 6 charging stations in Pune and Lonavala but hopefully, it can be increased to 100 charging stations in Pune, Delhi and Bangalore.

Some of the features of Tork T6X include its fully digital infotainment display, GPS navigation, geo-fencing and anti-theft system. Disc brakes are installed in front, at the rear wheels and at the anti-lock braking system (ABS). Tork T6X boasts of its TIROS intelligence system driving selector that will help the driver download updates directly and automatically from the cloud.

Tork T6X is priced at Rs. 124,999. Booking for the electric motorcycle has already started; however, the two-wheel vehicle is subject to limited availability during its 1st phase in Pune, Bengaluru and Delhi. Tork Motors, a Pune-based company responsible for the manufacture of Tork T6X aims to sell from 5,000 to 10,000 units per month.

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