Interesting Facts About The Icewine Festival At Niagara

The 24th edition of the Niagara Icewine festival will start from January 11. The festival will be organized on three weekends in January and celebrates the popular export of Niagara Falls, the Icewine. The Icewine is one of the most cherished product of the country and the Canadians celebrate the festival with great joy and enthusiasm.

Apart from taking the scenic Niagara falls ferry ride, to visit the waterfalls for a close encounter, tourists visiting Niagara during the festival can also enjoy sipping the local wine at the outdoor Icewine village near the Niagara-on-the-lake. The festival will be celebrated during the second and third weekends of January and Icewine is served from bars made out of ice.

The Niagara Icewine festival will kick start at the Grand Niagara Falls view Casino Resort on January 11 from 7p.m., to 10 p.m. The gala event is themed around Northern lights and visitors can sample wines from approximately thirty five wineries from the region along with lip smacking food by the top chefs of the casino.

Some interesting facts about the Icewine festival

  1. Ontario is the world leader in the production of Icewine. The climate in Ontario which features hot summers and cold winters is suitable for growing Icewine grapes.
  2. Icewine was produced in Germany since many centuries but Ontario with its perfect climate for the production of Icewine grapes, became the world leader in its production.
  3. “Icewine” is a trademark product in Canada.
  4. To prepare Icewine, the grapes must be naturally frozen on the vine. They cannot be picked until the temperature drops to -8 degrees Celsius. The grapes are left on the grap evines until December, when the temperatures falls to -10 to -12 degrees Celsius. They are allowed to freeze and thaw several times, naturally on the vine. This process promotes the concentration of flavour and complexity in the Icewine.
  5. The Icewine grapes are crushed while they are still frozen. The water contained in the grapes remains inside in the form of ice crystals, while only a few drops of sweet juice is extracted from the grapes. So the sugar level in the fermented Icewine is above 35 Brix.

Now that you know how Icewine is prepared, plan a trip to Niagara Falls during the Icewine festival. You can enjoy a close up encounter with the majestic falls by taking the Niagara falls ferry ride and have fun at the annual Icewine festival in Ontario.

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