Is The Hardwood Industry Affected By The Existence Of Lookalike Flooring Materials?

A timber floor becomes more durable after quality timber flooring installation in Sydney that ensures a high standard of workmanship. A quality timber floor can last for more than 100 years. At end of life, the timber floor can be re-purposed. However, timber flooring has been under pressure for the past several years because of cheaper alternatives in the market.

Today, there are many flooring products from vinyl to laminate and ceramics that have highly desired visual appeal. Wood is always emphasized as a sustainable natural product with the ability to be sanded and refinished, with long life and value that it adds to home. However, technology has allowed lookalike products to be created and offered in the market for competitive prices.

Does the hardwood industry need more aggressive and consumer-based marketing strategies? Hardwood is far from floundering because latest results show that it accounts for about 15% of total industry market share. Hardwood can boast of more than $1.7 billion in annual sales at mill sell value. Lookalike products are simply a category in transition and hope to capitalize on the popularity of natural wood.

Based on the results of Public Opinion Strategies, a firm that made a complete research on behalf for NWFA, 62% considered hardwood as much more favourableoption because of its longevity and tremendous value. 55% prefer hardwood because it is easy to clean and does not trap dust and mites. Air quality is improved when hardwood is used on flooring.

One half (50%) of the responses said that they need to replace inexpensive flooring alternatives like carpets before the hardwood floor will need refinishing. 41% chose hardwood because it is an environmentally friendly option and a sustainable material that grows more than twice as fast as they are being harvested.

Many consumers consider hardwood floors as an investment. They know that the material will add value to the property particularly when installation is handled by timber flooring installation in Sydney that is known for high quality craftsmanship. The reputation they have gained is testament to the high quality of work provided by the installers and the more personalized service to customers.

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