Ithemba School Provides Quality Early Childhood Education In Cape Town

According to a post on the website of World Bank, one of the smartest things that a government can do is to invest in early childhood education. The World Bank also declared the positive impact of early childhood learning and experiences as the greatest ROI for a country as whole. Quality early childhood education is offered at Star Bright Montessori to better equip children during their formative years.

South Africa is starting to realize the value of Early Childhood Education (ECE). For decades, the importance of the formative learning phase has been bypassed by both parents and education authorities. In most of the disadvantaged areas of Africa, ECE was delayed and sometimes ignored because of the lack of funding and knowledge on this critical phase of learning.

However, iThemba, a small school in the suburb of Fish Hoek in Cape Town is bringing changes to underprivileged communities by providing quality ECE to children who are very unlikely to receive it. iThemba means hope. Its vision is to be able to provide the best intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual foundation to the 60 children living in the nearby areas so that they can have hope for the future.

The small school works with parents and caregivers in preparing young children for future learning and for life s a whole. High quality, pre-primary education is provided by iThemba including well balanced nutritious meals and a safe and nurturing environment. The school relies heavily on donations from corporate companies and individuals because of the poor economic standing of the children’s parents.

According to research, children who have attended quality early childhood development programs are more likely to complete their schooling and break the cycle of poverty. ECE can teach young children to be more functional, contributing members of society who have more hope for the future.

The classrooms of Star Bright Montessori have large open spaces with tables and chairs that can comfortably seat 1 to 4 children. Classrooms are well organized and clean so that it can improve concentration, foster independence and practice order. Children are taught practical life activities like pouring water, washing dishes and cutting fruits and vegetables.

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