Ivy And Valerian Threatening The Castles Of England

Many tourists flock to Eastbourne because it is a seaside resort with cool summers and mild winters. You needn’t even look far for accommodations because there is a sea view hotel in Eastbourne that offers great views and fantastic value for money. However, Eastbourne is not just sea and sun; there are hills and woodlands waiting to be explored.

In England, garden ivy is threatening castles and not the royal rose gardens. According to English Heritage that manages 68 castles from Dover to Carlisle, the castles have survived centuries of conflict but the dangerous ivy is becoming a greater threat. Queen Mary, the wife of King George V, called it dangerous and damaging.

On the other hand, Jeremy Ashbee, head properties curator at English Heritage told the Daily Telegraph that the ivy and valerian are softening the appearances of the castles in spectacular fashion. The invasive weeds control the temperature of the castles as it stops them from getting too wet and too cold. The invasive weeds only become a nightmare when it puts down roots on the stonework or grows to such a size.

A fundraising campaign was launched to help in paying the £1.9 million cost of summer repairs. This will include temporal of the deep-rooted weeds. Conservation has to be carried out so that damages due to plant growth can be repaired. Aside from the extensive ivy, there are other plants and shrubs including trees that have put down their roots on the stonework.

Highly skilled stone mason will re-bed loose masonry and then use bespoke lime mortar to re-point the joints that have been wrenched apart by the strong roots. In some instances, penetrating damp and extreme weather causes erosion and damages to the stonework. By running a crowd funding appeal for #LoveCastles summer campaign, the landmarks can be protected for the future generations.

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